DepartmentArts Studies and History of Culture


The Department of Arts Studies and History of Culture focuses its academic research on issues related to arts, ethnology, cultural heritage, contemporary visual culture and museology set in a broader context of mutual relations and parallels.

The Department organises and carries out two seminars: ‘The Visual Image’ and ‘Mythology, Art, Folklore’ on a regular basis. Among the participants in these seminars are lecturers from prestigious universities around the world and their lectures are periodically published. The Department staff academic publications have a very high impact factor.

In 2010 the NBU Museum with its Centre for Documentation and Comparative Studies were opened. Each semester the museum hosts valuable exhibitions organised with the active help and contribution of the students from different programmes run by the Department.

The Department of Arts Studies and History of Culture attracts guest-lecturers from universities and research centers in and outside Bulgaria: e.g. France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Poland, the USA, etc. There are signed Erasmus agreements which ensure students’ exchange and mobility to leading European universities.
The academic programs developed by the Department are highly appreciated by renowned scholars in the sphere of humanities, who are also members of the International Advisory Council of the Department.


Department Chair:
Prof. Valentina Ganeva-Marazova, Ph.D.
Building 2, Room 612
tel.: 02/8110 612
е-mail: vganeva@nbu.bg


Mariq Kuncheva
Building 2, Room 612
Tel.: 02/8110 632, ext. 26121
е-mail: mkancheva@nbu.bg